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Attract Greater Tenant Demand

  • Accurate Counts Know how many people and vehicles go by your location.
  • Entrance Usage Know where customers come from and where they go. Rank entrances with data.
  • Capture Rates Quantify how many people pass by and how many come in.
  • Optimal Hours Know if you're missing sales by closing too early or open too late
  • Parking Lot Management Monitor line queues and wait times, occupancy by the hour, and improve efficiency.
  • Marketing Effectiveness Incorporate foot and vehicle traffic into marketing metrics. 
  • Increase Leasing Spread Renegotiate lease commitments based on shifting traffic patterns.
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Find out how Motionloft drives your business forward

Motionloft is the most flexible people and vehicle analytics solution on the market. Find out how digitizing the physical world gives you the edge.